CrossFit Tape & Ben Smith

Watch above and see Ben Smith show you how to tape your hands for the best workout

If you want the best tape for CrossFit, Goat Tape is what you want. When creating our athletic tape, CrossFit was first and foremost on our mind. Our CrossFit tape protects and saves your hands and supports your joints. Perform better WODs on the way to becoming the best CrossFit athlete you can be with the CrossFit Goat Tape. 


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The best Crossfit tape

Goat Tape is a proud official licensee of CrossFit, Inc. Our Scary Sticky tape is crafted with a proprietary adhesive and special fabric.

All types of tapes

Besides our Scary Stick athletic tape

High performance athletic tape

Our tape is Scary Sticky and built for CrossFitGoat Tape.

Trusted by the best

Our commitment to quality has been recognized by crossfitters around the world.
  • Ben Smith
  • Christy Adkins
  • Shawn Ramirez
  • Lindy Barber