Goat Tape is excited to announce our partnership with USA Boxing

Goat Tape is designed specifically for extreme competitors. The cloth fabric and proprietary adhesive is ideal for boxers, helping secure the glove in place while reducing the risk of abrasive injury to the opponents’ body.

As the official provider for USA Boxing, Goat Tape is engineered specifically for boxers. We have combined an aggressive adhesive with a cloth fabric that is specifically designed for lengthy bouts and training. The one-inch width is the ideal size for wrapping gloves and wrists.

Goat Tape is proud to be worn by Deontay Wilder, the undefeated WBC heavyweight titleholder since 2015. To purchase USA Boxing Goat Tape click on the image below:


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Challenger tested. Champion approved.

Goat Tape has a superior adhesive and comfortable hold that ensures maximum protection, stability, and performance when in the ring. Don't trust us. That's just the heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder (and his opponent) both using Goat Tape.

Any wrapping technique

Regardless of the wrapping technique you use, Goat Tape can be used by professional boxers to wrap their hands in combination with gauze. This is the most protective and the lightest method for wrapping.