Why Use Goat Tape?

With all the wraps, straps, and athletic tape substitutes in the CrossFit market these days, it's hard to know exactly why traditional athletic tape still offers many unique advantages. It does, which is probably why you're here, but Goat Tape offers even more.

The advantages to using athletic tape break down into two categories: support and grip.

Let's talk support first. Unlike wraps, athletic tape offers much more customizable and reliable support for the delicate tendons and ligaments in the wrists. This is why elite Olympic weightlifters choose athletic tape over similar wrist-stabilizing products. Tape conforms comfortably to support any wrist, and this is crucial, especially for the high-rep overhead lifts common in CrossFit.

Unfortunately, athletic tape has been difficult to incorporate into CrossFit's high-rep Olympic lifting-based WODs because it tends to unravel in sweaty conditions. Until now.

Goat Tape offers an extremely sticky adhesive, designed specifically to withstand the sweatiest possible conditions. (We've tested it. We know.) Yes, this means Goat Tape will probably tear your wrist hair off if you're not careful, which is why we recommend soaking your wrists in warm water following a WOD to help loosen the adhesive. Other people prefer to go hairless. Different strokes.

The next major advantage to using athletic tape is grip. When folded correctly, Goat Tape provides exceptional protection for your hands, during high-rep movements like pull-ups. Goat Tape was made to last, so whether you're doing 10 pull-ups, or 200, Goat Tape will protect you from painful tears.

Goat Tape also offers exceptional protection for your wrists on movements like muscle-ups. No more chafing on those rings!

Goat Tape has also partnered with Mercy Corps to provide goats and other livestock to third world families.

So before you waste your money on fabric or leather wrist support, try Goat Tape. You won't regret it.

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